去年のクリスマスは夫に、ジーンズショップ dutilのギフト券をプレゼントした。先日、お店に行ってきました。お店のスタッフに、探しているジーンズのタイプを伝えると、3本出してきてくれた。今までならなかなか気に入ったジーンズが見つからなかった夫だったが、自分の体型にあって、スタイルも気に入ったジーンズが見つかった。買い物にかかった時間はわずか10分。夫も大喜び。このお店には女性用、男性用の他に子供用のジーンズも販売しています。さすがに妊婦用はなかったよ(T0T)。

Last Christmas, I gave my husband a gift certificate of a jeans shop called “dutil” and we visited the shop the other day. We told a shop assistant what kind of jeans we were looking for and she chose 3 pairs. My huband hadn’t found a pair he really liked before, but he found one which suited to his body and style. The time took for this shopping was only 10 minutes. My husband was really happy. This shop sells men’s and women’s jeans and also kids’ but not for pregnant ladies (T0T).


303 West Cordova Street (map)
Vancouver, BC V6B 1E5

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A good car dealer in Vancouver!

Nakamura smile


さて、車を買い替えることにしたので、中村さんに電話してみると独立して中古車ショップ「Nippon Auto Centre」を オープンされていた。わお。私の予算と希望の車種を伝えると、何台か候補を用意してくれた。ずばり、他のディーラーより値段が安い。しかも、一般的に中古車ディーラーは車を”AS IS”(現状)のまま販売するが、中村さんは修理工場を完備して、入念な整備点検の後、納得した自動車しか販売しない。お店を訪問すると整備・点検記録と照らし合わせて、一台一台細かく説明してくれた。私の場合、やはり燃費と安全性が第一ということで、ToyotaのYarisに購入決定!予算内で希望の車を安心して購入できた。彼のウェブサイトはこちら

Used cars are really expensive in Canada! Through my past experience, I can tell used car dealers are pretty dodgy. I met Mr. Nakamura of Kabani holdings the other day. This company is a wholesaler of used cars and they have wide range of various used cars. Mr. Nakamura is from Kanagawa in Japan and used to live near an American military base. When he was small, he got to know an American family and he helped them taking their dog for a walk. He saw M & M chocolate was constantly piled up in a crystal ball at their house and thought “America is a great country!”, and firmly decided to go to America. He studied in New York for several years but to escape the effects of terrorism after 911 he decided to come to Vancouver, Canada. Since he has an experience working as a mechanic in a garage at an American base, he looked for a job as a car dealer. He found a job at Kabani but his job was car washing to begin with. Thinking that he didn’t come to Canada for washing cars, he started to put car adverts in many places. People started to visit Mr. Nakamura and he started to sell. Looking at his effort, the owner of Kabani gave him a desk as a dealer. He is pretty ballsy. He is also an athlete. He once tried to go Olympics in a bicycle racing – cross country race. So I believe he has patience like steel. He is a very polite gentleman as well. Since he has excellent knowledge as a mechanic he can recommend you good conditioned cars with a reasonable price. He can also provide services about repairing, insurance and purchasing new cars. If you are looking for a car in Vancouver, I really recommend contacting Mr. Nakamura.

Recently I decided to buy a car and called Mr. Nakamura. I was surprised to find he opened his own used car shop called “Nippon (meaning Japan) Auto Centre”. Wow. As I told him my budget and preference, he prepared to show some cars for me. Frankly speaking, his price is lower than other dealers. Moreover, he has his own auto shop so that he only sells cars which passed detailed inspections and fully serviced. This is quite rare because normally dealers sell used cars in AS IS conditions. When I visited his shop he explained each car in details from its service and inspection record. Considering “good on gas” and “safety” I came to purchase Toyota Yaris. I was able to buy it within my budget and also with confidence. His website is here.

Nippon Auto Centre
7112 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5E 1E8
Tel: (604) 777-2886
Email: nakamura@nipponautocentre.com
日本語ウェブサイト http://www.nipponautocentre.com
English website http://www.nipponautocentre.com/e-index.html

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CocoRosieはニューヨークのブルックリンに住む姉妹デュオ。ウィキペディアによると彼女達の音楽は、New Weird Americaまたは Freak Folkというジャンルに入るそうだ。彼女達のことを知ったのはZulu RecordsでCDを聞いたのがきっかけ。そのCDの一曲でAntonyが共演していたからだ。彼女達の音楽はオリジナリティに溢れていると思う。お姉ちゃんのRosie(↑右)はハープを弾くし、妹のCoco(↑左)は子供用のおもちゃ楽器を弾く。二人ともとっても違った声を持ちその調和がいい感じ。4月10日にはニューアルバム、The adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillbornがリリースされ、バンクーバーに5月5日(土)にやってくる。胎教にいいと思って、チケットゲットした。楽しみ。こちらのページで試聴できます。

CocoRosie is a sister duo who live in Brooklyn, New York. According to Wikipedia, their music genre belongs to New Weird America or Freak Folk. I got to know them when I listened to their CD in Zulu Records. One of the songs was sang with Antony. I think their music is full of originality. Big sister, Rosie (↑right) plays a harp, and the younger sister, Coco (↑left) plays some kids’ instrumental toys. They have very different voices but their voices balance well. They are going to release a new album, “The adventures of Ghosthorse & Stillborn” on April 10th and they are coming to Vancouver on Saturday, May 5th. I got their tickets. I thought it might be good for our baby in my belly. Looking forward to it. You can listen to their music here.

They are half Cherokee. The lady in the middle is their mother, I suppose.

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Dockside Restaurant

Dockside Restaurant

Granville Island Hotel内にあるDockside Restaurantでブランチを食べた。ここの朝食おいしかった。土曜日だというのに、混んでないし、眺めもいいし。朝、グランビルアイランドに来てるときは、ここでブランチだ~と決めた。夕食は高いみたいだけど、朝食はリーズナブルだったよ。私が食べたのはOyama Chorizo Sausage Egg Muffin $9 でした。今度はBanana Bread French Toast $10をトライしたい。

We had brunch at the Dockside restaurant in the Granville Island Hotel. Their breakfast was pretty good. Although it was Saturday it wasn’t crowded and the view was nice. I decided to have brunch here when I’m in Granville Island in the morning. I heard the dinner is quite pricey here but the breakfast was reasonable. I had Oyama Chorizo Sausage Egg Muffin $9. I want to try Banana Bread French Toast $10 next time.

Dockside Restaurant

Dockside Restaurant
1253 Johnston Street (map)
Tel: 604-683-7373

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Stranger Than Fiction


Will Ferrell 主演の 「Stranger Than Fiction」を観た。これ面白かった。Emma Thompsonが扮する小説家は自分が書いている人物、Harold (Will Ferrel) が実在するとは知らなかった。Haroldは政府の税金監査で勤め、分刻みに正確な毎日を送っていた。しかしある日、頭の中で誰かが自分の行動についてナレーションしていることに気づく。そしてこのナレーションが自分の運命を決めていることにも気づいていく。Haroldはこの頭の声の主を探すことを始め、声の主がこの小説家だということを突き止める。さて、彼の運命はどうなるのか。

Saturday Night Liveに出ていたWill Ferrellは大好きなんだけど、彼のコメディ映画は全部終わってたと思う。真面目な映画、例えばWoody Allen監督の「Melinda Melinda」やこの映画では役者としてとても好演していた。Will Farrell がインタビューされているところを一度見た事があるけど、とっても真面目そうな人だった。この映画には他に、Emma Thompson、Dustin Hoffman、Maggie Gyllenhaalなどの素晴らしい役者達も出演している。IMDBに書いてたんだけど、ビートルズを暗喩しているところが多々あった。緑のりんご、アビーロードのアルバムカバーそっくりの道、ハロルドはタックスマン、カレンはペーパーバックライターなどなど。


We watched “Stranger Than Fiction” which Will Ferrell was in. It was very good. A novel writer acted by Emma Thompson didn’t realize her novel’s character, Harold (Will Ferrell) actually existed. Harold was working as a tax man and he was spending every minutes of his life promptly as scheduled. But one day he heard somebody was narrating his behavior in his head and realized this narration was becoming his fate. He started to look for the person of this voice and found the novel writer was the one. Then what happens to his fate?

We really adore Will Ferrell in Saturday Night Live but find his comedy films are really bad. He acts well in serious films like Woody Allen’s “Melinda and Melinda”or in this film. I saw him being interviewed one time and he looked very serious person. There are other wonderful actors in this film – Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I read in IMDB that there are many parts in this film that refers to The Beatles – Green Apple, Will Ferrell crosses the street a la the Abbey Road album cover, he’s a Taxman, Karen Eiffel is a writer (paperback writer), etc.

This is a film which makes you reconsider about your own life after watching the film. You can watch the trailer here.

My rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆(9!)
IMDB: 7.8

Will Ferrell

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無間道 - Infernal Affairs

Infernal affairs

この映画夫が以前から見たいと言っていたが、香港映画=カンフー映画と思っていたので、Veto権を発していた。アカデミー賞で最優秀映画賞に選ばれたThe Departedはこの香港映画 Infernal Affairsのリメイク版である。カンフー映画でないことが分かるや否や、レンタル屋に借りに行った。舞台は香港、マフィアと警察の抗争が続き、警官Chanは覆面警官としてあるマフィア一家に送り込まれる。一方、そのマフィア一家からはLauが警察学校に送られ、数年後マフィア捜査官として働くようになる。この覆面警官とマフィアスパイの存在が分かり、二人は、お互いを見つけ出す使命を言い渡される。バイオレントなシーンはほとんどなく、プロットが面白かった。あと、Andy Lauがハンサムだった。トレイラーはこちら。リメイク版のThe Departedがどんな洋風の脚本になっているのか楽しみだ。

My husband had wanted to watch this film before but I vetoed since I thought Hong Kongnees’ films are all Kung Fu films. The Departed which won the Best Motion Pictures in the Academy awards is the remake of this Hong Kongnees’ film, Infernal Affairs. As soon as I realized it wasn’t a Kung Fu film, I went out to rent the film. The film is situated in Hong Kong and a confliction between police and mafia had been worse. A detective, Chan was sent to a mafia family as a undercover cop, whilst a mole, Lau was sent to a police school from the mafia family, then he became a detective in charge of mafias. After a while, each party realized the existence of these individuals, and these individuals are ordered to find each other. There weren’t many violent scenes and the plot was excellent. Plus, Andy Lau was handsome. You can see the trailer here. I am looking forward to watching the remake, The Departed, to see the western version of the screen play.

My Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (8!)
IMDB: 8.1

Andy Lau♡

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Nouvelle Vague

nouvelle2.jpg nouvelle1.jpg

Main Streetのパブ, The Mainで大好きなNew OrderやBlondieのカバー曲がかかっていた。オリジナルと違った雰囲気でとても気に入ったので、ウェイトレスに誰の音楽か教えてもらった。ちょうどよく、パブの前がレコード屋さん, Red Cat Recordsだった。小さなレコード屋さんだったので、あるか心配だったけど、探しているCDはそのレコード屋さんのお勧めCDになっていた。イェイ!お店のお兄さんは、これはセカンドアルバムで、ファーストアルバムもすごいいいよって教えてくれた。二つとも買いたかったけど、セカンドアルバムだけ買った。素敵なレコード屋さんだった。

Nouvelle VagueはクリエーターMarc CollinとOlivier Libauxが構成するフランスのバンドで、80年代のイギリスのNew Waveやパンクミュージックをボサノバ風にアレンジする。ウィキペディアを読んでいると次のことが分かった。Nouvelle Vagueとはフランス語でNew Waveという意味で、フランスのゴダールやルイ・マルが活躍したカルト的映画運動のこと。そして、ボサノバもポルトガル語でNew Wave という意味。British New WaveがNouvelle VagueによってBossa Novaになった。彼らの音楽はこの3つの文化が混ざり合って、その混ざり具合がとても良い。歌手は曲によって違う人を採用している。Zero 7のような形態だ。

パブで一緒にいたMr. Kもこのバンドを気に入ったので、CDをコピーしてあげた。すると、夫の誕生日に買わずにいたファーストアルバムをプレゼントしてくれた。やった~!これもコピーしますので、待っててくださいよ。試聴はこのページで。

I heard cover songs of Blondie and my favourite New Order at a pub, The Main, on Main Street. They sounded quite different from the originals and I liked it very much. I asked a waitress about the music. Luckily there was a record shop, Red Cat Records, in front of the pub. It was a small record shop and I thought they wouldn’t have their CD but I found it was displayed as one of their recommendations. Yey! The shop-seller guy told me the CD was their second album and the first album was really good too. I wanted to buy them both but I just bought the second album. It was a very nice record shop.

Nouvelle Vague is a French band which is formed by two creators, Marc Collin and Oliver Libaux. They arrange British 80’s music of New Wave and Punk into Bossa Nova music. I read this in Wikipedia that Nouvelle Vague means New Wave in French which is the 60’s new wave of cult French cinema like Godard or Louis Malle. And Bossa Nova also means New Wave in Portuguese. British New Wave became Bossa Nova by Nouvelle Vague. These three cultures get mixed in their music and the mixture is very good. They use different singers in each music like the same format as Zero 7.

Mr. K who was at the pub also liked the band and I copied the music to him. Then he gave us the first album which we didn’t buy for my husband’s birthday. Whoo hoo! I will make a copy for this, so please wait. You can listen to their music here.

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The Sience of Sleep


Michael Gondry監督の最新作、The Science of Sleepを観た。ストーリーはメキシコ人のステファンが母を訪ねてパリに来る。そこで隣人のステファニーに出会う。彼は夢遊病の癖があり、見る夢が現実と交差し、混乱する。ステファン役は Y tu mama tambienThe Motorcycle Diariesに出ていた、Gael Garcia Bernal。この映画で初めて英語を話しているのを見たけど、イギリス英語のアクセントで話す彼の英語はキュート♡ステファニー役は以前彼女の音楽を紹介した、Charlotte Gainsbourg。この二人の演技はとても良かったし、映像もとてもユニークだったけど、脚本が抽象的すぎて、終わった時、何が言いたいのか分からない映画だと感じた。以前の監督作品、Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mindは最高に良かった。脚本はBeing John Malkovitchで有名なCharlie Kaufmanと共同で書いたからだろうか。また二人で映画作ってくれないかな〜。トレイラーはこちら

We watched The Science of Sleep, the new film of a director, Michael Gondry. The story is Mexican guy, Stephan visit his mum in Paris. Then he meets her neighbor, Stephanie. He has a habit of sleepwalking. His dreams gets mixed with the reality and he gets confused. Stephan was played Gael Garcia Bernal who was in Y tu mama tambien and The Motorcycle diaries. I saw him speaking English for the first time. His English with British accent was cute♡ Stephanie was played by Charlotte Gainsbourg who I introduced her music recently. Both actors played very well and the images of the film were unique, but the script was rather abstract. When the film was finished I couldn’t get what the film wanted to say. His previous directed film, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind was brilliant. Maybe it was because the script was in collaboration with Charlie Kaufman who is famous for writing Being John Malkovitch. I wonder if they can collaborate together to make another film. The trailer is here.

My rating:☆☆☆☆☆(5!)
IMDB: 7.7

Gael Garcia Bernal♡

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Independent Flixx

Independent Flixx

West Endに住んでいてラッキーなことはこのDVDレンタルショップがあることです。インディペンデントなお店なので、メジャーな映画ばかりではなく、外国映画やマイナーな質の高い映画を揃えています。どの映画がどの店員さんのオススメ映画かとか分かるし、目安箱がおいてあって、見たい映画をリクエストすることもできます。お店にはお客さんが書き込む最新映画の評価表が掲示してあり(下写真)、私のよい情報源となっています。ポイントカードもあって、14借りると一つ無料になります。火曜日はダブルポイントデー! いつもいい映画を揃えてくれてありがとよ~。

One of the lucky things to live in West End is to have this DVD rental shop. Since this shop is independent they have not only major films but also foreign or minor good quality films. You can see which film is recommended by which shop assistant. They have a box where you can drop a note to request which film you want to watch. The shop has a board of newly released films reviewed by customers (see below photo). This board became my source for good information. They also have a point card – you get a free rental after 14 rentals. You get double points on Tuesday! I want to thank the shop for always lining up good films.

Independent Flixx Independent Flixx

Independent Flixx
976 Denman Street (map)
Tel: 604-682-3344



It was a Valentine’s day yesterday. Only girls give chocolates to boys in Japan or Korea but in Canada you give it to each other. My bosses bought a super huge box of chocolates or a flower bouquet to their wives. The chocolate shop that I passed on the way home looked very busy. We have a tradition on Valentine’s day that we have steak and red wine for dinner. This year I had orange juice though (T0T).

Valentine Valentine

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First Half Marathon

First Half

昨日はバンクーバーでファーストハーフマラソンがありました。年初めのハーフマラソンなので、ファーストハーフマラソンと呼ばれています。2000人限定のマラソンで、参加権が一日で売り切れてしまう人気のマラソンです。今回は夫と友人のMr. & Mrs. Kが参加しました。私は妊娠6ヶ月なので(最高の言い訳)、応援観戦。Mr. & Mrs. Kは今年の冬の悪天候にも関わらずトレーニングしていましたが、夫は去年10月のビクトリアハーフマラソンから一度も走っていなかった、無謀な奴です。当日は小雨で走るのにはちょうどいい天気でした。↑は3番目のトップランナーです。

The First Half Marathon was held in Vancouver yesterday. It’s called the First Half Marathon since it’s the first one of the year. This marathon limits to 2000 participants and is very popular – the participation rights get sold out within a day. My husband and our friends, Mr. & Mrs. K entered this year. I am currently six months pregnant (the best excuse), so I watched and cheered them. Mr. & Mrs. K trained themselves even this winter has been terrible, but my husband had never run since the Victoria Half Marathon in October last year – reckless dude. It was raining a bit but good for running. ↑ is the third top runner.

First Half

First Half


It was supposed to run the sea wall – flat road along the beach, but due to several storms the sea wall was destroyed and the running course was changed to the one with the big hill which breaks your heart… Unlucky.

First Half

First Half


↑I waited them at this place and cheered them. After everybody passed me I went back home on foot. I walked through the worst area which was attacked by the storms. The scenery was dreadful and very sad. It is going to cost 9 million dollars to repair the park but the park has collected only 5 millon so far.

First Half

First Half

みんな完走し、他の友達も誘ってパブでお祝いをしました。友達が集まるまでに少し時間があったので、腹ペコのMrs. Kはメニューにのってもいないベーコンだけを注文($1.50チャージされてた)。笑。みんなよくがんばりました。おめでとう!

Everybody completed the run and we celebrate it with other friends at a pub. There was a little bit time untill other friends came so the hungry Mrs. K ordered the bacon which wasn’t on the menu ($1.50 was charged). Everybody did very well. Congratulations!

First Half

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