Dinner at Mr. & Mrs. K

Dinner at Mr. & Mrs. K

K夫妻がご馳走を作ってくれました。簡単に作るから~と言ってたのに、どこが?でした。まず私の好物であるレンティルスープ。そしてメインはプロシュットを巻いたテンダーローインステーキ。お肉にをホースラディッシュ塗してあって、とても美味しかったです。パースニップのローストが甘くて最高でした。デザートはSticky Toffee Pudding。デーツがいっぱい入ったスポンジケーキ、トフィソース、アイスクリームのコンビネーションが美味しくて唸りました。私あまり甘い物好きじゃないんですが、これはおかわりしました。サンクスベリマッチ。

Mr. & Mrs. K made us the feast. They said they were going to make something simple but it was like how could you call this simple? First, it was the lentil soup which is my favourite. Then the main was tenderloin steak which was wrapped with prosciutto. Horseradish was spread over the meat and it was delicious. Roasted parsnips were sweet and yummy. Their dessert was Sticky Toffee Pudding. The sponge cake had lots of dates and the combination of toffee sauce and ice cream was fabulous and we were oohed and aahed in admiration. I am not so fond of sweets but I had the second for this dessert. Thanks very much.

散歩の途中で熊を発見したよ! I found the bear during my walk!


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4 Responses to Dinner at Mr. & Mrs. K

  1. Mrs. K. says:

    I can’t beleive nobody’s asking for a recipe or something!

    P.S. Nice bear.

  2. chilco says:

    ☆Mrs. K, yeah I cannot believe it either.
    About 130 people read my blog on that day
    and I am sure they were dribbling!
    Thanks for the lovely meal
    and the entertainment of splashing:)

  3. madam-yang says:

    Mrs.K! I’ve really enjoyed the photos of your every single dinner on Chilco’s blog. I admire you and your husband’s talent!! Every dinner looks very different from our Asian food, such as horseradish, roasted parsnips, dates and so on. I’ve never had those things. So I always imagine how they taste like and envy Chilco sooooooooooooooooooo much.

  4. Mrs. K. says:

    Madam-Yang – thank you for your kind comments! I’ve always perceived Asian food as exotic and unusual, never North American food. I guess it depends on your perspective!

    I always really enjoy Chilco’s dishes because they are different from mine. More fish, different delicious vegetables and unusual tastes!

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