The Magic Numbers

今晩はThe Magic Numbersのコンサートに行きま〜す?彼らはロンドン出身のバンドで、2組の兄妹で成り立っています。今年6月に、デビューアルバムをリリースしたばかり。このアルバム超オススメです。こちらで試聴できます。

今年日本である、Franz Ferdinandのコンサートの前座はThe Magic Numbersなんですってね。すごい豪華セットじゃないですか!見に行く人、い〜な、い〜な。

We are going to the concert of The Magic Numbers tonight? They are from London and consists of two pairs of brother and sister. They just released their debut album in June this year. This album is super recommended. You can listen to this album here.

I heard the opening performer of the Franz Ferdinand’s concert in Japan is the Magic Numbers. That’s a gorgeous set! I am jealous of the people who are going to the concert.


The weather forecast said it was going to be rainy during this weekend but it’s very sunny this morning! I just received a photo from my mum. My brother made Teru Teru Bozu (a paper doll hung in front of the window with a wish for good weather) because he’s got the last baseball practice. His wish came true.

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