The Rockies

Rocky mountains


Long time no blog. Let me write about the Rockies before I write about South Korea and Japan. The Rockies stretches to 4800 km from the south to the north which is 3.5 times longer than Japanese main island, Honshu. Huge! The height of mountains is 3000 meter level like Mount Fuji. A dude who has good knowledge in geography told me that before the ice age, these mountains were 8000 meters. After glaciers melted, the mountains were eroded by the glaciers and became the current shape.

Rocky mountain

Rocky mountains

Rocky mountains


Surrounded by the Rockies, I was singing this song (It’s an old Japanese commercial song) all day that day.

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4 Responses to The Rockies

  1. Mrs. K. says:

    Those are beautiful pictures. I’m using one for my computer background. Everyone at the office will soon be asking me where it was taken!

  2. chilco says:

    ☆Mrs. K, Thanks for your compliments. These photos were all taken in Banff. We took a lift to go to the top of the Rockies which costed me $60 for myself and my mum. OUCH! Since you told me that you are using one for your wallpaper, I’ve done the same. I am using the last one:)

  3. madam-yang says:


  4. chilco says:


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