Christmas Dinner


My husband’s sister typed and forwarded us recipes for Christmas dinner (the recipe is here). So my husband’s family’s and our family’s dinner were the same. I made a shopping list and my husband went for shopping for the dinner. Some of the ingredients which are easy to find in Britain were difficult to find here. My husband rang me when he found Juniper burries↑ (spice), chicories (vegetable), and brioches (bread).


This ↑was the starter that my sister in law made, some kind of fish pate. I made this on Christmas eve and brought it to Mr. & Mrs. K’s dinner. Our starter for Christmas dinner was smoked salmon and sweet prawn which my mum bought in Steveston↓.


Then the main (↑at my husband’s parents’ house, at our house↓) was roasted ham. The ham was marinated with many kinds of spices for 24 hours, boiled with many kinds of vegetables for 3 hours, then roasted for 45 minutes. The spices such as juniper burries, coriander and fennel seeds, anise, cloves were blended very well. It took time for preparetion but not much effort (thanks for my sister in law’s good selection of the recipe). The ham was served with cramy braised chicory, jewelled cranberry and red cabbage, and Colcannon which is mushed potatoes with savoy cabbage.


The dessert was bread and butter pudding which my husband made. It was the best!


After the dinner we played Canadian version Monopoly, called Canada-poly which was a present from Mr. & Mrs. K. My brother loves to play Monopoly so he took the initiative to prepare the game and do the bank. It was a fun night.

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    私はBread and butter puddingをりんご、クリームつきで食べたいの(T0T)。

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